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Stechwin Co., Ltd.
Long-Range Surveillance

Long-range Surveillance

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Long-range Surveillance

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 Model Number


Thermal Optical Device(TOD)

Sensor Specifications Detector Resolution
  • Cooled 384 x 288 Vox microbolometer FPA (Uncoolde 640 x 480 : option)
Pitch Size
  • 25 um pitch
Spectral Band
  • 8 – 14 um
Detector MTBF
  • 10,000 hrs., Cooling Time : N.A.
Camera Characteristics Lens Type
  • Focal Length 135mm / Remote-controlled Focusing possible / Digital Zoom x 2, x 4,
FOV (W – N)
  • 4° x 3°
  • 0.04°C
Detection Range Performance Man(Target size 1.7 x 0.5m)
  • Detection 2.5km / Recognition 0.8km
(2.3 x 2.3m)
  • Detection 6.2km / Recognition 2.0km

Visible Light Camera(CCD)

Camera Specifications Image Sensor
  • 1/4 inch Color CCD, 410K pixels
Min. Illumination
  • 0.0001Lux
Main Features
  • BLC (Back Light Compensation), WDR (Wide Dynamic Range), DIS (Digital Image Stabilization), Motion Detection
  • Optical Zoom x37 (3.5mm~129mm) / Digital Zoom x12
Focusing Control
  • Autofocus
Detection Range Performance Man (1.7 x 0.5m)
  • Detection 5.0km / Recognition 2.5km
Vehicle (2.3 x 2.3m)
  • Detection 7.0km / Recognition 4.0km


PAN/TILT Head Specifications Rotating Angle / Precision
  • Tilt : -65° ~ +35° / Pan : 350°, Position Accuracy : 0.005° (option : endless)
Speed Control
  • Three Step Speed Setting (Low / Mid / High), Continuous variable speed drive possible (target tracking)
Target Preset
  • 128 Target Presets / Multiple Group Management
  • Control of multiple cameras, sensors, relays, communication channels
Material / Weight
  • Aluminum Housing, 28Kg
Optional Functions Loadable Sensors (Option)
  • Built-in Tester(BIT), GPS, DMC (Digital Magnetic Compass)


Controlling S / W Surveillance operation
  • Simultaneous Display of 2 Video Images (thermal and normal) on one screen
  • DVR Functions : Video recording (more than 240 hrs.) / Playback / Back-up and Print
  • Network Functions : Transmission over wired-wireless network
  • Surveillance range extension with Fog image correction (removal) function
Main functions
  • Remote control of Thermal and Visual Cameras, as well as PT Drive
  • Area Surveillance with Panorama Scene
  • Preset targets and current camera‘s directing point marked on the panoramic screen
  • Variable methods of surveillance selectable : Random manual pointing to specific area, Preset target pointing, Continuous preset touring, Wide area panorama surveillance, Tracking surveillance of moving target
  • Interaction between Panorama Scene and Zoom Camera
  • Interlink Target pointing between several surveillance sites
Target Positioning
  • Distance Measuring / Military coordinate calculation (8 steps) / Target marking on E-Map
Remote control & Monitoring
  • Remote video transmission and control via wire-wireless network (no limit of distance
Control Terminal
  • Controller Monitor, Keyboard, Joystick (option)

Wire-wireless Transmission Device

Wireless transmission Frequency band / Bit rate
  • Ethernet, 5.8GHz, 30fps at 720 X 480
Distance / Control
  • Wireless transmission(more than 10km) / Remote control(Camera, Drive, Thermal Device
  • Power on / off, Video channel selection)
  • 128bit H / W type Encryption (AES)
Wired transmission Video transmission
  • 1 or 2 Video lines, 1 Control line
  • SPI Firewall, IPSec VPN (DES encryption and tunneling) adoptable

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